Friday, May 4, 2012

So...what is the book about? And...will there be a sequel to this sequel?


So…what is the book about?

Here’s the "official" description:

Diplomats. Deceit. Disappearances. An exploration. An escape. A wicked king. A wicked queen. A wicked prince. A warning. A war. A wound. A welcome. A slave. A son. An invitation. The Honor of a King (A Tale of Mercy) by Candace Christine Little recounts the adventures of Artemerio and Barto as they investigate the many mysteries surrounding the kingdom of Morlestoph and discover the many mysteries of mercy.

In a word: mercy. The book is about mercy. :)

It is a sequel to The Heart of a King (A Tale of Faith), but, as is true for each book in the series, the story stands alone. (You won’t be totally lost if you haven’t read the preceding books.) As for the characters—Artemerio, Barto, Vestero, Folasade, Celisse, and Dunley are all there, along with (Who else? :) ) Lady Mercy.


So…will there be a sequel to this sequel?

Yes! I have already written the fourth book in the series and am currently revising it and getting it ready for publication. The title is The Son of a King (A Tale of Love), and it will be significantly different from the other three in that the narrator will not be Barto. I’ve set up a book page for it, and you can find a link for it in the listing of links to the right. There’s not much there, at this point, but I will be updating it as the revisions progress and the time draws near for it to be published. :)

Update: The sequel was published in August of 2012!! :)

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